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Video app

A powerful recruiting tool

With this tool you can use a cell phone, tablet, or laptop to invite other people to become Affiliates of United Games.

Invite contacts to join your team

This tool allows you to add and invite contacts one at a time, or import from a CSV file. You can send your contacts a personalized text or email invitation and code.

Use this tool to send out invitations directly from your phone or send out automated texts or emails to all of your contacts at the click of a button with our affordable text message service!


Manage your team

When a user accepts your invite and enrolls, they are added to your team. You can manage your affiliate team right inside the tool!

You can view your full team up to 9 tiers deep from any device. Experienced builders can use the Holding Tank feature to strategically place your personal team members under your top performers in different tiers to motivate and incentivize according your personal management style.

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