H9 Hydrogen Rich Structured Water

Our Mission

We at H9 Water understand the role water plays in achieving optimal health. It is with this understanding that has allowed us to continually invest in water research, which in turn has allowed us to produce one of the most beneficial, scientifically-backed water products ever created.

Our H9 Hydrogen-Rich Structured Water is made possible by our powerful business model which can provide financial freedom to ambitious social entrepreneurs. This model will help grow financial futures and forever elevate the understanding of the role that water plays in achieving optimum wellness across the globe.

H9 believes that hydrogen-rich structured water will have a positive impact on the quality of life for millions. So they’ve designed a powerful business model to help entrepreneurs thrive financially and be a part of a movement that will forever elevate water’s role in achieving optimum wellness.


  • Powered to flush toxins and waste

  • Activated to replicate and convert energy

  • Energized for lasting alertness

  • Optimized for better hydration

  • Nourished with essential vitamins and minerals

  • Strengthened for beautification of hair and skin

You have probably heard that the human body is two-thirds water. It may surprise you to know that over 99 percent of the molecules in your body are water molecules. So how is it possible that 99 percent of the molecules don’t do anything? That question inspired leading scientists to put water under a microscope. What researchers discovered was a fourth phase of water known as structured water. Meaning, the molecules are structured or ordered for cells to absorb them.

While this is breaking news to most of us, ancient cultures have known about structured water for centuries. People living near mineral-rich healing springs reportedly live longer, healthier lives. The water they drink contains distinct physical and chemical properties radically different from ordinary water, but exactly like structured water.

So what does it mean? While we’ve been told to drink, eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day, the real question is, am I drinking the right water? Structured water absorbs into your cells better. It delivers vitamins and minerals more efficiently and gives your body energy. And it’s available right now.


A. SKIN - Water helps the skin protect itself against premature wrinkling, discoloration and disorders.

B. ORGANS - Proper hydration helps organs operate efficiently.

C. HEATING AND COOLING - Water helps the body maintain optimal heating and cooling.

D. DIGESTION - Water aids in digestion by making minerals and nutrients more accessible.

E. BLADDER AND KIDNEY HEALTH - Your bladder and kidneys rely on water to eliminate toxins and waste.

F. BLOOD PRESSURE - When our blood is 92 percent water, it’s less susceptible to the blockages and buildups that lead to high blood pressure.

G. PROPER WEIGHT - Staying hydrated suppresses food cravings, and prevents toxins from building extra body weight.

H. JOINT HEALTH - Water makes up the cartilage padding that buffers joints with a layer of protection.


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