About HWHBiz


My name is Jon Martindale.  I am interested in helping people develop and balance their full spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, career, family and friends areas of life.
As owner of Health–Wealth–Happiness (HWH) I offer individuals an opportunity to participate on my team to become healthier, wealthier, and happier.
HWH provides Network Marketing opportunities in the follow areas:
1. Make Money Helping Others (http://www.re247365.com/hwh)
2. Travel – Energy – Finance (http://myrerate.com/index.php?siteURL=hwh)
3. Financial Affiliate Program (http://www.evantagefinancial.com/jmartindale/sales)
4. Get/Own Gold (http://www.karatbars.com/?s=hwhbiz)
5. Printing (Save Money) (http://www.printfounders.com/affiliates/10035)
6. Printing (Make Money) (http://www.printfounders.com/affiliates/registration/10035)
7. Phone Unlimited (Text-Data) (http://www.solavei.com/hwhbiz/)
8. Snap It-Tag It-Share It & Make Money (https://www.leafit.biz/hwh)
9. Social Media (https://www.l9app.com/hwhbiz)
10. Nutritional Supplement
a. Sozo Life – Coffee/Nutrition (http://sozolife.com/hwhbiz)
b. Laminine (http://www.eggoflife.com/hwhbiz)
11. Personal Opportunity (http://www.opprtunity.com)
• My primary objective is to help others make money.
• Check out numbers 1 and 2.
• Save and make money on your professional printing.
• Save and make money with unlimited text/data phone service
• Just Snap it, Tag it and Share it with your Facebook friends and you can make money
• Social Media is growing learn where you can fit and how you can improve business.
• Nutrition is fantastic Sozo Life (coffee/coffeeberry) and Laminine (The Egg of Life)
• Personal Opportunity allows you to share with others what you do.
Jon Martindale
Contact me 24/7 Gvoice: 770-852-0494 (0HWH)
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Email: hwhbiz@gmail.com